DSPRO WAISTTRAINER made by medical materials for to be able to protect your spine and keep your waist tinier. 
Our product also made by  breatable ,anti-carsinogen and anti-allergyc fabrics that going to protect your skin and spine. 

As you know your spine is one of most important part of your body and postural health. 
DSPRO Waisttrainer will  also help you to balance your muscle and skeleton system while you are working out or sitting on table working by hours on computer. 
Especially for those who is working on table this product is for you ! 

DSPRO Waisttrainer is best choice for to keep your spine straight and bring healthiest proportion of your body. 
Beside all those benefits this product going to keep your core tight while you are exercising  and force you to catch  proper form for any exercise that you are applying and eventually makes double effect for result. 
We can comfortably say that using DSPRO Waisttrainer will help you to reach your body goal faster beside better body proportion.  
One of best benefits of our product is that pressure on your stomach is going to warn your brain system and make you feel full and help you to stay consistent on your diet aswell. 


    DSPRO Waisttrainer manufactured from neoprene material and all material we have used to produce our product  anti-allergen, anti-cancerogen and breatable fabric. 

    Lomber area is supported with 4 plastic underwire. Supported by exterior belt. The soft neoprene blend retains body heat to improve circulation and promote healing. Size is standart and can be adjusted by the customer . 


    We have express world wide shipping that will make your order arrive within 4-5 business day. Unfortunately  due Covid-19 we do not have RETURN temporarily.

    When whole world open up and back to normal routine you can return your product.  If its for  eligibile reason we send your waisttrainer to manufacturer and if they approve we send you new DSPRO Waisttrainer.


    We provide worldwide  express shipping. Usually shipping takes 4-5 business day however due Covid-19 it might take 5-8 business days.